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North Central Gold Pty Ltd (NCG), as the managing and operating company of exploration licence (EL) application EL007582, is focussed on generating targets using a combination of innovative, non-invasive geophysical techniques, prior to systematically drill-testing prospects.

The application for EL007582 (or “Warrack”) is located to the northwest of Warracknabeal. Gold is the primary target, with secondary targets of copper, lead and zinc (base metals).

NCG’s approach will be underpinned by developing strong relationships with regulators, Traditional Owners, landholders, communities, and other relevant stakeholders. NCG proposes to undertake low-impact activities within the first 2-4 years of tenure to build good relationships to garner trust and a social licence to operate.

An exploration licence does not permit the company to mine for minerals, nor does it guarantee that a mining licence will be granted over the licence area. To conduct its exploration activities, NCG will be required to comply with more than twenty pieces of legislation (State and Commonwealth) which are designed to protect the environment, cultural heritage, Native Title rights and communities.

Less than one percent (1%) of exploration projects progress to a mining operation; however, if NCG is successful, the company will continue to update, adapt, and implement its stakeholder and community engagement plan through each stage.

Nature Of On Ground Exploration

A proposed program of exploration activities is described below. Exploration may be accelerated or moderated dependent upon success, seasonal constraints, and funding. Exploration results will dictate future activities – should results not warrant further investigation, then future activities may be scaled back or cease. Conversely, encouraging results may ‘fast track’ further exploration on a specific target area.

The first year will comprise desktop reviews of past exploration and any mining activities in the general area, to develop an understanding of the geology and structural features in the project area. This information will be used to develop geological models and plan the exploration program. Reconnaissance trips to site to undertake geological mapping and become familiar with the geology, ground conditions and local stakeholders.

Geophysical surveys in the first 2-3 years of the proposed program will greatly reduce impacts to communities and landowners. In combination with existing datasets, NCG will be able to pinpoint and clearly define drill targets with a view to reducing the area of disturbance required for potential drilling and ground-disturbing activities in years 4-5.

Should higher impact exploration activities be planned such as exploration drilling, it will involve a submission of a low impact exploration plan or work plan to Earth Resources Regulation, detailed rehabilitation plans, and monitoring and auditing.


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